Here at PromoMagic, the team have agreed professional values of the companies ethos.

We strive to be the best in what we do and pass this ethic to our clients


We will do everything in our power to provide solutions to our clients. If we can not do it, then we will tell you, if we make a mistake, then we will tell you.

We embrace positivity and our moral characters. We are trustworthy, loyal and fair.


We will spend time discussing our clients needs, providing a committed service which requires us to give our clients priority.

We will bind our actions as a promise, pledge and agreement.

Here at PromoMagic, our clients come first. 


We will portray a professional approach through reliability, consistency and honesty.

We will deliver to the agreed quality and timescales.

We will always be accountable for our actions.

Andy - Managing Director

Andy is the spearhead of the company with over 23 years experience in the public sector. He is an experienced project manager and leadership figure. 

His drive, passion, professionalism and integrity are what pushes the boundaries of his abilities.

Jake - Junior Director and Web Designer

Jake worked with PromoNet for over two years while he studied for a higher diploma in information technology. Jake has the flair for design and brings new ideas to the table.

He may be young, but his knowledge is fresh and his passion to learn new technology, skills and techniques are an asset to the company.

Ravi - Senior Technical Support

Ravi worked for PromoNet for over 7 years before becoming part of Promomagic. His knowledge of the industry and contribution to the development of ProMart V3 makes him invaluable to the company.

Ravi has access to critical resources to push development forward and is one of the keystones to the company.

Emma - Office Manager

Rajnish - Trainee Developer

Sahil - Data Administrator

Buddy - Office Dog

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