About The ProMart 3.0 Multisite Upgrade

Multisite is a direction we have been heading in with ProMart 3.0 for a long time. ProMart 2 only offered a single way to create a multisite. ProMart 3.0 has been greatly upgraded. It has always been our goal to offer our clients the ability to construct new websites using ProMart 3.0. Well now you can!


Tag Based MultiSites


Based MultiSites

Multi / Micro Sites Frequently Asked Questions

What Do ProMart 3.0 Multisite Cost?

All ProMart sites come with up to 2 additional multisite websites free of charge. After the first 2, the sites are charged at £25 PCM per site upto 5 sites, then any additional multisites are charged at £10 PCM

Can You Setup My Micro / Multi Sites?

Yes! We will setup your site initially and complete all the design work and issue SSL certificates for it. 

Can You Setup My Customers Products?

You can use artwork credits for us to setup a specific customers products. This means we will add your clients logos to the products and upload to the website for you.

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